A Simple Hello.

If you’ve made your way over to the blog portion of my website, welcome! I’m excited that you’ve chosen to read what I have to say.

My name is Morgan Bailee Boggess, but you can call me Bailee. I know, I’m one of those complicated people who just has to go by their middle name. I’m 23 years old and live in Lexington, Kentucky with my fiance Jake and our dog Heidi – who is the most adorable Yorkshire Terrier you will ever see in your life.

I’ve been a writer my entire life. I started out writing poetry in elementary school and have continued ever since. I have written short stories, a secret unpublished book, and many thought pieces that I hope to post on here for you all to read. My writing career officially started in March when I became a staff writer for adoption.com. This position was the best I could have asked for when starting out as a freelancer, as I get to write about a topic that is very personal to me and educate others at the same time. I hope to be branching out to more places soon, but all good things come in due time.

Starting this blog was a big jump into unknown territory for me. I’m usually pretty private about my personal writing but, what good does staying silent do? I have things the world needs to know and I’ve got people wiling to listen. Perfect combination!

A Walk Through the Woods came about a few weeks ago when I was hopelessly lost in the middle of the forest at Cumberland Falls State Park in Corbin, KY. My friend and I came to a creek and – lo and behold – was a rickety, toppled over old bridge that we had to walk across to continue our journey to nowhere. Naturally, I was terrified and struggled to walk over the death trap looming in front of me. I got to the middle and froze. Panic ensued; I felt like I was going to tumble into the creek and end up in the emergency room before the day was over. My best friend was encouraging me to just walk the few feet I had left to be on level ground. After some careful analysis of the remainder of the bridge and thought on whether I had life insurance or not, I tiptoed as quickly as I could to the other side. Thank God, I made it out.

In that moment, I was completely afraid and vulnerable. Nothing else mattered but the fact that I had to face a fear that I really didn’t want to. I was stuck. Fear has been something that has always been debilitating for me. My collection of irrational fears and anxieties could make a receipt longer than your monthly run to CVS. I am constantly on the lookout for things that scare me and, quite frankly, that moment on the bridge made me think twice about that. Why am I constantly freaked out by so many things in my environment?

I believe fear is a quality that is instilled in us from a young age, especially for girls. Young women are constantly being silenced and having their words devalued by the world. However, being someone who has experienced this for many years, I have come to learn that silence (as mentioned earlier) doesn’t do anyone any good. When I took the final step and crossed that bridge, it made me realize that I hadn’t stayed silent like I had so many times before. Yes, I voiced concern about the dilapidated state of the bridge (as anyone would), but I made it out.

Let me reiterate that – I made it out.

My writing journey today has manifested itself closely to that of my experience on the bridge in the middle of the woods. I am tired of staying silent. I am tired of letting my fear control what I can and can’t say about the world, just like it tried to do before I stepped over the last wooden plank onto the trail. I am tired of expressing myself behind closed doors; I will do this no more. My open door comes in many forms, one of which includes typing on a keyboard on an overpriced MacBook. I will write as I breathe and breathe as I stand confidently on level ground.

So, welcome to my walk through the woods. I hope you’ll take this journey into unknown territory with me and, by the end of it, are able to speak your voice to the world like you deserve to.

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